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Remove paint from carpets

It should never happen as a direct result of working, because floor protection is your friend, but you can encounter issues with paint begin picked up on bottoms of shoes and traipsed elsewhere .

Continuing the discussion from Remove emulsion paint spots from laminate floor:

Here is a good run down of all the ways to clean paint from a carpet

Any experiences of carpet cleaning, add them here

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prochem,solval spotter for removing oil based paints from carpets.

I was a bit alarmed by some of the advice there in the ways to clean a carpet. The main thing to avoid is leaving a lighter patch, so I would not use any solvents at all until water and careful rubbing had been thoroughly tried out. Boiling water on the back of a flannel placed over dried paint is a good method for most paints, though it may have to be repeated a couple of times to really get the paint soft enough.
The person also mentioned acetone, which is a really good solvent, to the extent that it also causes many plastics to liquefy and will damage many carpets. Nylon is an exception.
I would like to know also how do you know if you have removed all of the glycerin as it is colourless? Leaving glycerine in is a very bad idea as it stays sticky for a long time and would pick up dirt very quickly. Also why glycerine in the first place. Rubbing alcohol, in the same chemical family as glycerine, is actually a better solvent than glycerine and it conveniently evaporates.

How I do it for wet paint:
Scrape off all excess with a blade. Get a wet micro fiber towel press once, move your thumb to a new piece of towel press once etc until no more comes off. Then if there is some left, wet the area from a bottle and carry on dabbing always being sure to sue a clean piece of towel with each press. This deals with almost everything and conveniently leaves most of the dirt undisturbed. Only start rubbing as a last resort.

Dry waterbased paint usually comes out with mechanical fracturing breaking or sanding - just passing a blade over the surface, as if filling, starts breaking it into crumbs - this works almost all the time.

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prochem are the leaders in carpet cleaning chemicals all there products work effectively, as for acetone i was , told years ago it could be used, but never tried it, we used it in boats,a lot, with what your saying on water based paints sounds about right, but what about oil based is it effective.

Acetone on hard oil? Never tried it. Nail polish remover is a dilution of neat acetone by the way. On paper it looks good. I would use dichloromethane available on ebay, used in the old Nitromors.

Correct ,acetone in boats has many uses, the luxury boat builder sealine uses it in there factory, myself if your worried about a lighter patch on the area that has been spot cleaned ,what you can do is hoover the carpet using strokes it wont be so visible if you ever did come across that problem, or spot clean area then whole carpet that would solve the problem.