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Remove paint spots with Big Wipes and Trollull glass cleaner

no matter how careful you are at some point,your going to get paint on something,what is a good kit to keep with you just in case this happens.

The Big Wipes they demoed at the Trade Show recently seemed to work very well on oil based gloss that had been applied first thing in the day. ie before it dried properly.

To remove dried emulsion from glass there is a “steel wool” pad from Trollul that wont scratch glass.

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Just started using Everbuild wonder wipes, they are great. They dry out quickly but if you moisten them, they come back to life.


Help have a job I am working on the decorator before left ,gloss paint all around edges off glass panel door tried,trollul steel pads haven’t touched it thinking off using fluxaf green taped around wood edge ,then trollull pads to see if that works any ideas.

Removed gloss paint with a special scraper and damp cloth, worked extremely well, left no scratch’s,and finished with trollull pads .