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Removing fixtures

Hi folks what’s your thoughts on removing fixtures?As i am sure we all no, some things come of easy, but don’t go back easy.From a point of time,is it faster to remove than cut around or tape.

I only work in my own home so the things that I do may not suit anyone else. I lift the light switches and sockets to paper around them but I never, repeat never, remove radiators, it is more important to me to prevent leaks than anything. I have never had anyone who has looked behind my radiators and said oh you haven’t papered/painted all the way down. Having said that one of my friends hasn’t been round for years and years.

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I agree with you we used to take radiators of,now i would use a ruler and push paper behind or paint stick on mini roller and paint behind.As for removing sockets when striping paper,i would tape,now,but proberly remove front,and on paper,thick solution of wallpaper adhesive,then painters plastic,on top to keep,the adhesive in position,no haveing water running near sockets,or if not possible loosen,and,sandwhich bag.To me i will do anything to avoid,removing stuff,or taping,just use the right brush,would be intresting to hear other peoples feedback.

I lift switches and sockets (where possible) and never touch radiators… client wants that doing they get their plumber in. I don’t need that level of hassle. I can remove rads and happily do so in my house but never in a clients.

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I take off radiators myself, easy to do but you need to check your public liability insurance first, as some will not cover water damage, thankfully never had a problem myself with leaks or damage but know others who have.

Light switches and sockets I undo and pull away from wall when painting, if paper hanging I disconnect and remove sockets and light switches, not a thing I would recommend if you don’t know what you are doing, but I find it so much easier with them off.

Just to add, before anyone things I’m mad doing this, I’m also a qualified electrician.

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Hi folks i had theses handles on a captains desk i was doing,for the extra effort the spraying was worth it,but wasnt my intention to do it.