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Removing ivy from block work & painted render

Hi how can you completely remove creeping ivy from painted render & brickwork and concrete block work? Is using a heat gun any good or is a blow torch any better.I’ve scraped the vegetation off just to leave the tough areas.advice would be great.

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A blow torch and wire brush sounds lke a great idea.


According to this article time and a wire brush is apparently the most reliable approach, but who has time, and even then, dried out tendrils in textured surfaces need a lot more than a stiff brush.

This site came to the conclusion that blow torches are about as effective as you can get without caustic chemicals (which would damage the surface)

But, as for total removal, the conclusion was that even blow torching is not 100% the answer on textured surfaces, because any charred tendrils will likely have to be picked out the crevices individually!

As with many imperfect situations, just tell the client what is feasible:

  • the likelihood is that super-picky removal will be very time consuming
  • you probably won’t be able to get the whole lot off
  • it may grow back.

Thanks very much for that. Is there links for a suitable blow torch or heat gun?