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Removing old paint

The last room I decorated I removed the wallpaper with diff and was left with loads of white(ish) gloss paint on the walls. Generally it was rock hard, but never the less I sanded it all off (it took nearly 12 hours). Could I not have just given it a rough sanding to get rid of the loose stuff then used planeo g to skim the walls??

I’ve attached a pic of the paint… The paint is white and the plaster brown… I’m sure it was paint and it was hard stuff and glossy. The blue is marker pen from the previous owners doodlings…

Woulda coulda shoulda!!!

Rough sanding, skimming and sanding / buffing is time consuming.

The route you went is time consuming also , but if it is ready for painting it wasn’t a bad decision. If it still needs a lot of filling, then for sure, you are back to your Planeo thesis for the “best” approach.

I’d be more concerned about the marker pen bleeding through :slight_smile: What was the plan there?

I sanded every little bit of it off! The marker pen made the gloss even harder. Aaaaghhhh!