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Removing old sealent from brickwork,whats best tape

:smiley: Subject to whether i am going to prime/undercoat exterior door,yes i have done knotting,whats the best way to remove old sealant from brickwork,also,going to put heavy duty lining paper on path when painting and inside whats the best tape that will stick to paving slabs,also getting prepared for whether,conditions i will keep footpath wet to avoid dust,but if it looks like its going to be a little bit wet i was thinking off a new plastic interior decorating sheet,to stop rain leaving specs on my good work happy decorating. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Try Fluxaf Grafitti Remover for the sealant on brickwork

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For taping paper or card to paving slabs try Tesa Outdoor Rough Surface tape - (shiny orange) unlike Duct or gaffer tape no residue is left. Or just lay some sheets of plywood down.

Anyone tried acetone,used to use this a lot in boats to clean the sealant at boat shows.

Take it this will be effective for removing paint on brick,and paving slabs left by previous decorator.