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Removing paint from PVC windows

Right started this job customer only had unit painted a year ago,I don’t like making comments on anyone’s work but this was one bad job,the windows were put in about two years ago,I have been given the job off making a bad job look good,the last painter,has ,got paint on all off the PVC windows,now we’re talking masonary,the tough stuff,I won’t to remove if possible ,then use oqwartol to try and restore to as new,is there a chemical that could remove masonary,on PVC windows safely,I have tried using a contentment blade,with great difficulty,but it did remove,what supprices me ,why the painter didn’t wipe off when he was going along,as for all the windows I have the job ,off fixing the leaks,boy enjoying.

See this reply from Fluxaf about a similar situation

This fluxaf super ,will try with small pane brush on pvc,windows,and scrape off with a plastic filling blade could be a solution,then wipe off couple off times with damp cloth,to see if it works,might be wise taping around window to prevent gel getting on textured paint,will do one window first then let you no the results.Thanks andy