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Removing wallpaper

I have to remove wallpaper that I hung about 6 years age as customer is having a re-dec. The walls are dry lined and previously painted with emulsion. I am a bit worried about using too much water seeping through and degrading the paper finish on the dry lining. The wall will be re-emulsioned once stripped. Should I be concerned or is the option to try to remove the top layer of the wallpaper and prepare the backing liner with a sealer and prep for decs.

Can you remember what prep you did before hanging the paper 6 years ago? if you sealed it with a primer sealer then you have little to worry about.
It always depends on whether the initial painting on the new dry lined walls were done with a vinyl mat or a cheap contract emulsion as the latter can often come away with the backing paper. But you already know this or you wouldn’t be asking :slight_smile:
Personally i have never been fully satisfied with the finish after leaving the backing paper on even if i put it on originally. Short answer, remove the top layer leaving the backing, test a small wall by soaking/ stripping and see, to be honest if the emulsion comes away in a few places it’s easy to deal with.
Nowadays i always seal a dry lined wall prior to wallpapering with Zinsser Gardz to avoid these problems in the future, brilliant stuff.

Hi BigH

When I first decorated the room it had emulsion applied so I sanded the walls and then applied the paper so not sure what the original application was although I felt the paint was stable. As you say sealing the bare plaster prior to painting is paramount and it is a problem I keep coming across by way of paint peeling off when applying paint by roller. Nothing rattles me more.
Thanks for the advise