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Repaint My Ferrari F40

Before starting the Discussion I want to mention you that this is regarding automotive painting and don’t know whether my question falls in the right category or not.

I am a new member to this forum family and need an important suggestions from you guys.
I have an old Ferrari F40 which I want to repaint. I am scared whether repainting is a good option or not.
These days new advanced technologies are used in supercars painting.

Should I go for a repaint? How much it will cost me on average?
I would appreciate any of your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Hi not without seeing the car, if its in reasonable condition, why not get it detailed by a pro, let them spend a week on it, or do it yourself, and we could possible give you some idear?or suggestions, on specialist books.If your going to respray look at fully loaded cars, there serious stuff, they would be able to advice, Marco worth waiting for,hes the master of that game.Goodluck

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Hello Addy,

Welcome to the forum

Yeah, you can go for a Paint Job. And there are many technologies introduced for supercar painting. If you are keen to know about new supercar painting technologies, then you should check this blog.

I would say painting a Ferrari will cost you more rather than Mercedes. Its because painting a Ferrari is a complicated process. To remove the chrome and trim of Mercedes takes a few hours. However, it takes a whole long day for Ferrari. Likewise, for assembling Mercedes, it takes 4 hours maximum, but a Ferreri takes more than a day.

Then its obvious the paint job costs higher for Ferrari. Repainting a Ferrari will cost you somehow between $5000 and $10,000. In contrast, Mercedes will cost you $2500 or less.

Finally, I would suggest having a complete discussion with an experienced automotive body man for better insight.