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Repainting a mouldy bathroom

I’m new here, just posted my introduction and would appreciate your opinions on my DIY attempt at eliminating mould and repainting a bathroom. I hope I’ve posted this in the right section.

The bathroom is tiny, in a single story flat roofed 1970’s extension to our terraced house.
So for starters, it’s got 3 exposed, uninsulated walls hence it develops mould on the walls and ceiling in parts at an annoying rate.
I’ve fitted a Kair heat recovery ventilator, which has helped a lot over a conventional fan, but it still gets mouldy.
I’ve steamed and scraped off all the wall and ceiling paint, because a lot of it had peeled and gone that dried mud craze look, and there were a lot of thin plaster cracks that need better filling. Bit bonkers I know, and it did take me 2 days, but I now am back to at least a clean mould free start, which I plan to treat following the advice from Zinsser as follows:

Sand down (after patch repairing some blown plaster)
Clean and treat with blackfriars anti mould solution
Fill small cracks etc with Prestonet interior filler
Sand and clean for final finish
Spot prime fill areas with BIn 123+
Prime all walls and ceiling with Bin 123+
Finish with 2 coats of zinsser Perma White (tinted)

I know this is an expensive way of doing it but I’m hoping this will solve a lot of problems I’ve had with not only mould but odd crazed and peeling areas. Of course a once a year freshen up coat should help I guess.

The Perma White is a bit restrictive on colour, but there is one pastel blue that looks close to what we want, and I can compare to a swatch I have that includes the BS colours that Perma White is available in.

I’m not entirely sure I’ve picked the right filler, as I need it to be a bit flexible so that the small cracks don’t re-appear as they have done using cheap Wickes filler in the past (sorry, I know that’s offensive !)

So I’d be grateful for any wisdom, recommendations for other products etc from you guys that know much better than me.

Am I being a bit too extreme here, and do the zinsser products I’m hoping to use actually work, or should I being doing something else to ensure a better and more long lasting finish ?



Hi, it is a classic case of the decorating can only do so much, it needs help. You are doing it right with ventilation though, and the paint you are choosing is very resistant to surface growth too.

You might ask Holmans about colours, they can mix anything.

Filler can only flex so much. This flexes more than most.

There is the scrim approach for very dodgy cracks, but that could get tedious over every square inch.

Instead of repainting every year, maybe wipe down periodically with an anti fungal wash to help the paint out.

You certainly do your research though :slight_smile:

Thanks for that Andy

I did read about the Toupret stuff, will give that a go on your recommend.
Re the scrim approach. I’m use to using scrim on plaster joints , but I presume it’s a different sort of scrim when decorating, as plasterers scrim is pretty chunky and would need a fair but if covering over I would imagine ?
Having said that I have got some scrim showing through on the ceiling after having stripped the paint off, so will have to tackle that too.
Good tip on the yearly wipe down. I must admit we left it way too long - it got a bit depressing seeing the mould return every year, but not this time :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.