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Repainting Finished Fiber Glass on a Garden Spa

Morning folks.

Well lock down in my world just means my list of ‘work to do’ got a whole lot bigger! :slight_smile:

No we working through a garden rebuild and one on the list is a slightly tired (but fundamentally sound) garden spa. Is basically a big fibre glass tub with wooden access panels. Have took three pics to show what we are facing…

Interested to pick up skills and good materials, finishes to tidy this old unit up.

You can probably see the sort of thing in the pics … normal FG interior and flat FG exterior. The marks on it are where a timber wooden decking was previously built around and every now and again splashed with some Sikkens wood stain. The timber frame will not go back and all the decking underneath will be replaced with this Millboard recycled type decking. Quite nice stuff used in posh hotels beach/spa areas. I managed get a load of seconds product from Millboard.

So is just to refinish the shell exterior itself.

As always would hugely appreciate the direction of skilled folks approach and materials wise.

All the best.

Zinsser exterior allcoat. Sprayed preferably.
Could be a long lock down will you run out of things to paint?


My experience of painting fibreglass is West Systems for boats, and I used a food grade 2 -pack epoxy on some fibreglass tubs that doubled as wine vats. Probably overkill for this scenario :grinning:

I see that Promain who specialise in all sorts of niche paint systems have closed down their online ordering service for the duration of Covid-19.

Holmans do only online service

Dulux have suspended online orders til they catch up with orders

Mylands have closed down for the duration

F&B online orders only

Benjamin Moore online orders only

Bedec and Leyland, no mention of anything

Mypaintbrush online orders

Happy painting :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the pointer Howzz.

Run out of things to paint? You gotta be kidding … work here gone up not down.

Mind whilst not wanting to play down the severity and impact on many folks (No. 1 son right the epicenter of it in London shared accommodation and having to work and wife on the very front line of it in pharma deliveries to the sick) but for us, it’s a healthy distraction and practical and sensible measures aside, we really are trying play on as normal.

Think when the going gets tough you find solace in the more mundane :slight_smile:

Thanks Andy, going to read up about the West Systems stuff.

No such thing as overkill :slight_smile: … and looking earlier, there are quite a few deep scratches on the unit … would say from when manufactured in reality. Is there a filler that could be used? I guess just an Isopon type derivative would work ok?

Cheers Andy

Wondering if Raymunn Paints and Interiors is still operating? Holman’s is limping on
I’ve done the virus, me and my lad were floored for days, came through that and now have a hernia - happy days. Hope your son is safe.

How about a decent oil base primer then you go in a number of directions after that - any thoughts Andy?

Yeah he was hit with … too many close proximity trains and tube and indeed today first time he left his flat in 18 days. He was on phone today saying he doing a “virtual meal” with his girlfriend!!! They going to cook steak about 200 miles apart, open a long range bottle of red and he found a way play a shared Spotify playlist at each end ! Have to confess to being impressed by him … first time in 22 years on the planet :slight_smile:

I placed an order for tinted Otex (ahh in fact as suggested by your good self) about a week back and came through fine. Also Rawlins are running fine.

Not sure about Ben and Raymunn … not heard from them although do need place an order for some Eico.

I dream of 22 again. Importantly, hes got through that’s good news. I watched my lad suffering, and I felt helpless.
What are you painting with the Eico? Never used it but it looks decent paint

Yeah not good, I didn’t see him as he was at other end of country but at present all seems ok.

No the Eico not for me this time, is for the son in law who I’ve been spreading the good TP word on wall polishing and painting. He’s bitten on it but I’m far from sure he’s got the determination or tenacity for it … we’ll see :slight_smile: …they got new place that was shall we say “painted to sell”! … they like what we have achieved here over time and a huge amount of advice and hand holding from TP folks. But to do it? Hmmm … jury is out.

But Eico a mighty fine paint, used it in every room to date in our project here.

From what I can see it is not recommended to use conventional oil based primers on fibreglass. If we are talking the exterior, waterborne Tikkurila Akva is more the direction you want to go for a bond coat that can be overpainted with conventional oil or waterbased topcoats. That approach would achieve a tough finish. If you want OTT coating on the outside, or wanted to change the colour of the interior, you would go the other options.

Ignore that idea for painting the interior, you already have enough to do!

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Made me laugh … no the inside in good shape. :slight_smile:

Bought this thing late 90’s and used to get used a ton. But is pretty old. Stripped the access panels out and made up new ones which the wife has primed and I’m going to fill over with a small amount spachtel found in a tin and then gloss. But in this instance going to try some of that vinyl wrap that kids use on cars etc to waterproof them. Old ones had rotted … guess they were 23 years old.

The internals are old but can you believe I found a supplier in Australia who has spares for the heater, manifold and blower. It’s a 97 model and he had ONE of each of the most oddball bits I needed!

Is good as the alternative was about £1200 worth of new heater/blower unit!!!

Sounds like you could re dec the interior, with Mrs Amateurhour64 on the brushes!

Has took a while Howzz but she getting it bit by bit. And better still she don’t mind jobs that are horribly repetitive and I like avoiding … had her painting 22 lengths of 50mm galvanised electrical tray last week … galvanic primer, Otex and 2 top coats Tikkuluria. Pain avoided!!! :slight_smile: … just stick Radio 4 on the Sonos system and so long as it doesn’t rain! :slight_smile:

Struggling find that one Andy … the Tikkurila site says page not found when try look it up.

You have a link? Cheers

yes I think this is it.