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Repair Care Failed, what did I do wrong?


I used Dryflex two part (bought the gun to get the quantities right) to fill the open joints on my 80 year + front door. Primed, undercoat (black) and left to see how it went on before applying top coat (door faces east and gets hot in the morning sun). As suspected the joints opened up. Did I do something wrong? Was it not the right filler for the job?



Hi Elt
thanks for dropping by. Can you clarify when you did this, how was the weather, how much moisture around etc.

I will bow to the knowledge of others on this. @dave_d9_decor ? no pressure :slight_smile:

Hi Andy

Would have been last autumn, probably Oct, was dry and chilli.

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Right, problem solved. Apparently you need to use Dry Fix 4 first. Would have been great if the sales assistant at the UK’s largest independent decorator’s merchant had known that before convincing me to spend a not inconsiderable sum on DryFlex 4 + plus the dosing gun. Well it is what it is. I now need to work out if I can remove the failed filler without causing too much damaged to the wood it did adhere to.

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Your reply seems to echo what @dave_d9_decor shared.

Ive used RepairCare over the years the only issue Ive had is where the Resin may expand in heat then shrink back but I’ve not had it split or crack

Ive found Repair Care incredibly supportive and helpful - worth contacting them

Just to double check the DryFlex Wood Stabiliser was applied before the Repair Compound?

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Some store staff know the system others haven’t a clue despite Repair Care’s best efforts to educate staff! It’s definately worth doing the course to maximise effectiveness and also the business side of charging well for a specialist job ! Elt, try going back to the store for recompense if they only sold you half the system ?

Thanks both for your comments. I still have the receipt so it might be worth a chat, perhaps I could haggle a discount on the dryfix.