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Repair Care Q&A

I think I may have met a few of you already…but if it was in Coventry last November I deny all knowledge, I really can’t remember 8O

Anyway I’m Liz from Repair Care International, we specialise in pre paint joinery repair products, great for repairing sash windows and the like, although also good for coving and stone headers and cills etc

I have noticed a lot of what you focus on here is kitchens, not really my forte - either painting or cooking in, in fact just ordered a takeaway!


Hi Liz, thanks for calling by on the way to the kebab house.

Feel free to add some wise words to the relevant sections. Many of the contributors do manage to get out the kitchen, or have done at least, in the past.

You are welcome to give us a primer on the whys and wherefores of what resin repairs can do that other systems can’t? Just an idea, please don’t think that I am setting you any homework for a Friday night.

Cheers Andy!
More than happy to fill your viewers in with resin repairs,
I’m not really here to push the system, more to be able to answer any questions that you guys may have?
Soo please feel free to let me no if you need help :slight_smile:


I’d like to ask a question please:

I’ve just returned from a day visiting my daughter at Liverpool Uni, whilst walking around Liverpool1 I noticed lots of Scouse women wandering around town with rollers in their hair. Why?

Is it to repairhair. or dont they care?

Haha yes!
Although what baffles me more is going round Asda in their pyjamas???
What is that all about?

Hi Liz
I,m a regular user of Repair Care - did the day course with Frank couple of years back. Was using it today to bed in two hardwood (oak) cills. I applied the Dry Fix primer to the back of the oak and also to the existing window frame and brick surface. The primer dried within half an hour on the window and brick but didn’t dry even after two hours on the new oak cills. eventually it went tacky enough for me to apply the Dry Flex and install both cills. But any ideas what may have caused that, and is it ok to install with one surface of the primer tacky but not completely bone dry?
Dave d9 decor Bristol

Hi Dave,

Dry fix primer soaks in to different substrates at different rates and generally as long as your using the 4 or 16 any time between 15 mins and 8 hours will be ok. Ideally you don’t want it to be dry, a wet on wet bond will give best cohesion and longevity.

Txt me if you need more info