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Repair tapes lifting on textured ceiling

I have a ceiling that is textured, not sure if it is artex or just textured paint but it is a popcorn stipple effect with an inch wide flat line around the edges. In some areas some line cracks have appeared like the edge of a paper lifting. How can this be repaired and flattened without messing with the texture?

Can you see why it has cracked?

For instance, if these cracks are in the middle of the ceiling they are probably either movement cracks between boards and the taping was not done, or the ceiling is lath and plaster and the cracks have appeared as the years have gone on. Also seen taped boards crack beyond the tape. Check if board is loose, if so you will need to consider screwing the board back up tight which means a bit more making good.

If you mean the jointing tape has come away, so it is floating and you can move a thin layer of artex up and down? that is a pain, because you will have to solve the adhesion problem and then stick the tape back down.

If it is simply movement cracks in the artex, look at a flexible filler in there. Not touched artex ceilings in years, but I would be looking at Toupret Elafib filler probably, . Follow the drying times, don’t rush it. Have a small brush and a kettle of water in case you need to blend the filler to disguise the repair. If you use a matt paint on the ceiling it will not highlight any texture difference.

If the cracks are on the edge then a simple caulk will work.

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Hi Andy here is a pic of the issue I think it is floating joint tape, as like you say a thin layer moving

It is one of those jobs isn’t it! A poor ripple stipple and tapes going.

Personally I would suggest bringing it into the 21st century for not much extra time and a lot more peace of mind than trying to make that good - ie cut those tapes out, make sure everything is back to a solid edge, seal any bare plaster with good old fashioned Primer Sealer, reinforce those defective joints with the light poly-cotton scrim, and skim the lot out with a Toupret tub finishing TX130, (very little needed to get rid of that texture); buff it up with a CEROS / 240 Abranet and paint it with whatever you like, problem solved.

Interested in other ideas myself now:)

Yeh this seems a common thing for us to come across so it would be interesting how others deal with this situation to