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Restore brushes that have gone hard?

Whats the best way to clean brushs that have gone hard,leave in white spirit,or use krudcutter brush cleaner any help appreciated?

You can also use brush restorer or paint remover. I find if you ever let brushes go hard and then soften them up again they’re just not the same. Best to clean your brushes when finished using them or if using oil then invest in a brush mate. The brush mate will keep the brush wet untill you need to use it again

A good starting point is to add up the cost of the brushes you use and then think, If I let them go hard, can I carry the replacement cost? If not, find a way to look after them better.

With waterbased paints you have a few options.

Clean them every day (suspend in KrudKutter or similar, overnight, or less, and wash out before use.

Suspend in water overnight and flick out when starting work in same colour

Keep in a brush vest or Paint Brush Cover for a week or three

Keep in the Store and Go gel. (Least time consuming)

Keep moist in Dutch style brushkeeper like the ClingOn or Paint and Go.

It is all listed here

In oil, look at the Store and Go gel too. The Brushmate is an industry standard, but that will change.

I am a good boy I am. I only use water based now and after each job I wash them out. More often than not you only need water but if the paint has dried on a bit you can fill a bucket with warm soapy water and work the brush in that for a bit then rinse off and hang it. I could almost paint a whole house with one brush that way even switching colours although two would be easier :wink: