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Returning after a 3 year break, Brighouse, West Yorkshire!

Hi, I’m going to try and keep this brief this will be hard as I’m a massive over sharer!

The short version is I’m returning to decorating with young school age children and limited time so need advice on time saving quality products, i.e acrylic primer/undercoat/topcoats.

Longer version I’m a time serviced decorator I’ve worked for commercial decorating firms and run my own successful business. However, I’ve never found anyone to work closely with who shares my customer service and enthusiasm for paint and its properties as me!

I’m now faced with trying to a do, for example, a 4 day job in 3 (I only work 3 days a week) Its challenging to say the least!

I’m not wanting to cut corners but paint has moved on and I’d love some specific advice on acrylic wood work paint, especially over gloss as I have a customer base on a 10 year old ‘new’ build estate local to me.

I recently use Benjamin Moores ‘waterbourne interior eggshell’ It went on (over blue Bin Zinsser) like a dream I was so impressed! However I’ve been called back as its chipped, several times!

Any and all advice welcome!


Did you do any filling? I would look at stix,primer,or teknos,done my desk hit it so many times, only left a slight mark on edge,cetanly tough paint.I have got a tin of benjimin moor advance sitting in my workshop,wainting to use.