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Review of Autoglym Tar Remover and Autoglym Glass Polish

Left tape on too long, and when you finally remove tape, you are left with a sticky residue. Try this Tar / glue remover. It can also be used for removing oil stains from carpet.

I have used it to remove softened sealant - scraped off the worst, then wiped over with a cloth, very effective.

Will be putting it to the test,on brick ,and concrete. I think it will be effective and will let everyone know the results.

For cleaning the glass, first remove the stubbon bits of old paint with Trollull glass cleaner pad then I recommend the glass cleaner below for that finishing touch on that exterior door you have glossed or even kitchen units. In fact anything glass.

I am looking at the moment for good brass cleaner for my letterbox, will let everyone know what I find best. Also paint spot and stain remover for carpets. Also something to clean old sealant. Anyone ever tried acetone, that’s used a lot in boats