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Review of Traditional Painter website by Darren Slaughter

In April 2011 I commissioned a website review by Darren Slaughter, a US-based marketing adviser to building and building-related companies. To say that his review was insightful and helpful is an understatement.

It might be worth checking this, it’s painfully slow to download and crashes out. I stuck with it and I found it very interesting. I try to dedicate 4 hours a week to my website but it doesn’t even scratch what I should be spending on it.
Maybe if I can dedicate a proper weeks work to it this Christmas I’ll pay for a review.

My mum was in advertising for a while and she taught me the “lazy s” and “aida” rules for copy and adverts. I wonder how well they still apply to the web?
The lazy s rule is the page layout, when scanning a page to evaluate it we follow a lazy S pattern, sit back and scan your page, does it flow? Does something drag your eye from the most important aspects?
Aida is;
Attention. You’re on fire!
Interest. we have water
Direction. We can put you out
Action. Call us on 0800 123123

so while following aida you draw a lazy s.
Personally I like buying glossy magazines and flicking through until a page or advert catches my eye, then seeing if I can spot why and what rule it follows, try it. If nothing else it’s interesting

it’s painfully slow to download and crashes out. I stuck with it and I found it very interesting.

What website are you referring to?

Yes Id say AIDA still applies, all the SEO bumf in the world doesnt substitute the value of “proper” writing techniques. If only there was more emphasis on writing copy that flows, the rest of the Google juice nirvana falls into place.

This Link

My download speed isn’t great but I don’t have any problems with YouTube yet the above video is painfully slow and ultimately keeps crashing

Wierd, if I go to YouTube and view it i don’t have problems, if i follow the clicky link on your page i do…
Must be a priority issue

I put a direct link in the article, may help others with a browser issue, if that’s the cause. cheers