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Roll and stroll recommendations?

Anyone use this sort of stuff ?
I need to cover up a finished wooden floor soon and a carpeted stairway so having never used any of this sort of self-adhesive stuff was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. It doesn’t need to be hard wearing as it only has to survive my dainty feet for a few days but it must lift cleanly with no risk to the floor underneath obviously !

1200 grade lining paper would be my first port of thought on wooden flooring. if it is going to have hefty scaffolding, correx is the de facto. Also used the 1mm thick wallrock thermal liner in 75cm rolls. there is also cardboard on a roll. anything but cotton on hardwood floors. Also if looking at heavy duty options think of transport. 8x4 sheets quick to lay not feasible to get in the average van though.

Definately use paper/card on wood floors, I had a bad experience some years ago using the plastic film - the low tack specifically recommended for hard floors - and after only three days it lifted sections of varnish on removal.Fortunately we were able to repair the damage but never again!

So now I’d only use the plastic on carpet - perfect for stairs, no tripping hazard, or possibly stone floor. But paper/card option absorbs and dries the odd paint drop too!

Dave d9 decor Bristol

Thanks Andy - Nothing heavy duty needed at all, just me and a small set of steps, and I only really need to cover about 50cm in from the walls on the wooden floor, as I will throw down some dust sheets while I paint the ceilings. I have used 1200g lining paper but needed to tape it down, and am slightly worried that any tape may cause problems, but assume that self adhesive sheet uses much milder sticky stuff to hold it down, rather like cling film, though I may being stupid here…
Cardboard on a roll may be the way to go - are there any cheap places to get it from that you know of, and will it lie flatter than lining paper ?

Any suggestions where to get cardboard on a roll - I’ll google it but have

…and thanks to you too Dave - you have answered one of my main worries.
I’ll take a look for cardboard on a roll shortly !