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Roller diameter

Hi Everyone, When I was learning to decorate while doing my NVQ the instuctor always championed the 1.75" roller over the 1.5" because of the extra coverage of the wider diameter roller sleeve I have always used a 12" roller and a four inch mini, after reading Andy’s article on the wooster roller system I’am thinking of going down the same sleeve system, there are wider sleeves than a 12" but there’re only 1.5" diameter, my question is, does the 1.75" 12" roller have the same coverage as a 14" 1.5 diameter in respect of the wider diameter having the more coverage ?

A 14" 1.5 has very slightly more surface area but it’s such tiny amount to not be worth counting (if I calculated correctly). So in theory a fully loaded 12" 1.75 is going to hold the same amount of paint as the 14" 1.5. But then again you might work faster because you will probably re-load with the same frequency with both but the 14" will be painting wider strips which means fewer re-loads.

Get an 18" Wooster and have done with it :wink: - great for ceilings

Exactly what I use. Mind you - a fully loaded 18" long pile on the end of a heavy pole don’t 'arf make your arms ache :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, Took your advice went for the 18" and some other covers all woostered out now :smiley: just need a wall to paint now !!