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Roller frames

Hi Guys, Is it possible to use a 18" wooster sleeve on their 14" sherlock roller frame, thinking there maybe a balance issue, also I’ve got a concrete block wall to paint, would medium pile or long pile do. ? Doug

I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t put an 18 on a 14" frame although I find it a bit too bouncy even with a 14 on it. I think using an 18 might be awkward and difficult to control. Medium pile should do the job if it’s fairly smooth concrete - really depends on how rough the surface is.

On a general note, sleeves can be oversize for the frame, and taking t a stage further, if the amount of work makes sense, they can also be cut to length to suit. eg cut down a 12" sleeve to 10.5" and use on a 9"frame.

I was referring to the Sherlock frame specifically there Andy - it’s pretty sturdy but I find it a little too springy and it’s sometimes difficult to get even pressure compared to a double ended frame. Putting an 18" on that frame would work but I think it would take a bit of getting used to.

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