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Rollers n brushes

Hi all . I’ve always used Purdy brushes an Hamilton perfection rollers 9/12 inch . But I see u all seem to use 15 inch Wooster rollers for emulsion. On flat walls . The brushes I use are the blue pro monarch elite . Which I think are very decent . An I seem to get a decent finish on walls once prep is done with these rollers . But I’m willing to give these big boy rollers a try u all use … Where would I get these .? As I would need new paint scuttles an poles as I’m sure my Purdy poles would not fit a Wooster roller and cage .? An which are the best ones to get for achieving a nice smooth finish ? Also what are these dust eaters you talk of ? Many thanks gaz

For rollers, it’s all here in this article about Wooster emulsion kit. Kit comes and kit goes, written in 2011, this collection still passes muster! It’s a 14" sleeve in this system

There is clearly no “best brush” but there are a lot of great brushes, thank goodness. Picasso, Fox, Corona are the first three I can rattle off, but you may not like any of them if you prefer a stiff filament.

One important factor is also a decent wall paint. High acrylic content all the way, in my view.

In other words, think of emulsion painting as a system, with a few factors needing to come together to up your game. The above system upped my game significantly when I found it.

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Thanks Andy . Gonna try that mythic emulsion u have mentioned . I always use Johnstones an seem to have no problems . But u being the main man gonna give it a try . Bomborgh paints in Traffird park can get it in I think . Gonna take some getting used to this trying all these different products :smile:

Also Andy where are the best stockist of these Wooster products ? I might give Wooster themselves a ring as hopeless on line :flushed:

try here at Mypaintbrush

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Or decorating direct offer great service.

Cheers . That decorating direct have a massive range . Can’t find mythic . Or miranol though . Or the otex

mythic, miranol and otex can be ordered in by Brewers if that branch doesn’t stock it.

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Thanks . Not one near me I don’t think but il look online. Gotta be worth a go seems as everyone on here loves em . You had much experience with these products ?

Thanks dave . Much appreciated

Holmans specialist paints,sell mirronal ,ottex,both products are execllent

Thanks . Can u get the otex in a dark grey as got a black front door to do so gonna use miranol as top coat . How many coats of miranol do u usually put on

Also . An don’t all take this the wrong way :flushed::flushed: say for example I’m doing a living room . Emulsion / uc/ gloss . They are not after the woodwork to look like a mirror or feel like glass . They want a decent 2 day job . Can otex and miranol be used in the same way as I use my Johnstones ultra undercoat an ultra gloss ? So good rub down dust off . Undercoat . Then next day fly over with 240 pad dust off tac rag then gloss . Or is it not worth the extra cost unless you are going to town on the prep ? Cheers guys

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i tend to keep Otex for use on very high end work: kitchen cabinets, furniture, shutters.
For regular skirting etc Johnstones Aqua system u/c has everything I need: good adhesion, good opacity and self levelling flow out for a flat surface for topcoats.

as always its agreeing standards, quality and price with client at the quote stage.

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Very true dave . Never used the aqua range . I like most Johnstones products an I have a big account with them so get the products at very good rates . Just looking for that extra step to up our game on a higher end of work . . I try to look at in that there are levels . Lil old Mavis in her bungalow who wants a nice job done at a decent price but don’t want us there 2 days prepin 1 door . Wants her job done an left tidy . Where as a big house in Bowden who want to spec finish on everything obviously costs more .

Hi dave since this article was written do you still use the johnstons aqua system?thinking about trying it.

Hi Darlic yes I’ve stuck to the same, as in my reply from April 2016.
Otex for kitchen cabinetry etc, Johnstones Aqua undercoat for regular skirtings, doors, window frames etc.

I dont particularly like the Johnstomes Aqua Satinwood as a topcoat I think it looks a bit plastic, preferring Mylands, Little Greene or F&B eggshells

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Whats the johnsons aqua gloss like?I was experimenting this week used the crown fast flow,and the eico alterior gloss,thats awesome stuff and worth paying for,

I never get asked for gloss so I don’t use it other than for exterior front doors .

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