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Romo beaded wallcovering

Has anyone experience of hanging Romo beaded wallcovering ‘Shima’

I’m hanging it horizontally - two walls one 3.3m the other 4.6m - prime and line first

Particularly interested in any advice on cutting and hanging into the corner


Use the search on the main site for bead wallcivering. Scot hung a lot recently

Only ever hung it once and I templated into the corner with lining paper then cut on the table. Axus shears would be a good option for this, trimming top and bottom I did with metal straight edge and shears. I think TP Associate Jag Decor has hung a fair bit of this, he doesn’t come on here but you could tweet him @painterjim James Andrew Graham

ok thank you both - seems that the corners will have to be cut precisely to butt in, no overlap possible, so the lining paper template is a really good idea, thank you

what happened…? after priming and lining, we hung five 4.6m lengths horizontally (client preferred the stripe that way)from three rolls.
Onto the adjoining wall and and hung three lengths from the fourth roll.At this stage half way down the wall but noticed a very slight defect in a 1m section of one of the lengths of paper. There were repeat clusters of pale beads which were only visible from viewing at an angle, not head on. Client could see this, was not happy, and so we stopped work to consult manufacturer ROMO.
Their response was, I guess, to be expected. While they accept there was a manufacturing defect, I should have inspected every roll in its entirety before hanging. (Not so easy with beaded paper that requires the most minimal of handling)
Romo will not give me the labour cost to strip, prep, line and hang new roll, and dismissed my claim.

So its been an expensive learning experience. Probably obvious to the experienced paper hangers but I write this in case it might help anyone else not to do what I did.

Hi Dave
3rd length on 4th roll a duffer, and only obvious on a particular angle, that’s bad luck as you may not have even picked it up with the whole roll out. Did they replace the faulty roll?

They have agreed to replace the faulty roll but will not fund the consequential labour costs.
I did run my eye over every length before cutting but glass bead paper face up looks rather different when hung!

Maybe I was also too honest for my own good - someone said I might have got labour costs if i’d told Romo it had been first roll…

the paper looked great, client delighted, but i,m out of pocket!

As footnote Romo were incredibly obtuse and unhelpful when I contacted them . Enough said about their really poor attitude to resolving a genuine complaint . I would be very cautious about using their products

The way complaints are handled separates the OK from the great. Romo wasn’t built in a day so they must surely have treated their customers better in the past? Does the MD know?

Good point Andy, the response from Romo was to state they would not correspond with me directly as ‘under the sale of goods act’ it was the client who purchased from a store not me! The shop has attempted to negotiate on my behalf but have received a curt ‘no’ phone call. But yes I will take your advice and write to the m.d.