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Ronseal filler with Superdec

Can anyone tell me if Ronseal two pack is compatible with Sadolin Superdec ? Thanks in advance.

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Superdec is suppose to be self priming, but I reckon it would be worth priming with a decent primer. I always use gallons of coverstain but did notice that colourtrend have primers availiable in UK, which might be worth a shout under superdec.

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I would prime,the styrene in the filler has the potential to make a hybrid paint like Superdec fail.

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Decided to follow sadolin spec sheet and use their stainable two pack. This way I don’t need a separate primer and its breathable.

Thanks Mark for explaining why this isn’t suitable. Every day’s a school day.
IVe decided to follow the sadolin spec sheet, using their two pack stainable wood filler with Superdec.