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RUPES sanders, dust extraction

Hi has anyone invested in RUPES SANDERS, DUST EXTRACTION.
I have heard they have been in the motor industry for years and are moving over to the decorating industry and was thinking of investing. Opinions please

I spoke at length to the company at a trade show in Germany 2016, and they have been in the game a long time. Their thing is polishers, as well as sanders, and they liked coming up with formats that slot in between what Festools and Flex and Mirka offer.

Apparently they were manufacturing the cheap Flex rectangular orbital sanders under license because Flex couldn’t keep up with demand, an illustration that they know how to make a power tool. They seemed to tick a lot of boxes.

If they have a format you want, I wouldn’t be concerned about the quality. I am not aware though of how they are operating in UK, so can’t advise whether the service and back-up is on a level with what seems to be offered in Europe.