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Sand coloured paint with gold fleck? Possible?

Evening all, doing a bedroom renovation here at Amatuerhour towers … re-plaster, new electrics, data, woodwork, fitments, carpets, the lot.

Theme is satin gold green fabrics, Royal Blue(ish) satin fabrics, American Oak woodwork finished in Osmo raw polyx, white window frames, white ceilings. And currently we have sand coloured walls.

Sounds bit naff but nevertheless we are thinking on about it … but is it possible to source a sand coloured paint (ideally Eico or Eico quality) with a very subtle gold or metallic fleck in it? Not to make it sound like the Burj Al Arab but indeed the idea is to make the room rather desert / Middle Eastern decor centric.

I’m sure I’ve read or seen paints with metallic or gold in the build but can’t find details right now. Interested if you know of options and how effective (or naff) they end up being.

Vague spec question I know but hopefully you can get a feel for what I’m looking for.


sounds a plan

B&Q to the rescue :grinning:

I haven’t used it, so dont know how well the flake disperses for brush or roller application. Spraying would be a first choice applicator.

With commercial finishes you would add flake to a clear coat. The automotive world has a raft of ideas to borrow from.

Perhaps use the flake effects on woodwork only, or create panels to break up full walls of fleck. Just thinking you could buy aerosols then, and you know they will work.

Or revive an 80’s public loo feel with Portaflek

Or in the States back in the day they would use like a tyrolean machine to spurt gold flake onto the wet popcorn ceiling (like our artex)

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This is a first … first time your answer/description has put me ‘off’ doing something Andy! :slight_smile:

I can’t think of my Middle Eastern 5 star excess paint image after the phrase ‘portaflek’!!! :slight_smile:

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Oh no!
I confess I have done this for a client. Valspar mixed with filings. Mix well, don’t over roll and yep a … dream! Client loved it. It’s a challenge covering over the stuff as well.
Bit more up market and Italian, is the following
Don’t let the utube vid put you off. I use their plasters and they are high quality lime, marble slag.
Don’t suppose I can tempt you -

Well done amateurhour, you are definately keeping it interesting

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And thanks to you for the follow up response. My guarded suggestion was tempered by having seen the likes of Duette in the past, a DIY rag rolling system leaving much to be desired compared to doing it conventionally.:cowboy_hat_face:

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Ok I’m officially in hell! :slight_smile: … having talked myself out of this mad idea, I made the fool mistake of clicking on the coverit link you sent. Wow … what a palette of options.

Can’t get the 2nd link to work yet … maybe our internet but will give that a look as well.

And here was me and Mrs AH64 having nearly compromised this morning over a Zoffany and Matt Motion yellow/gold colour!!! Compromise … I hate that word!!! :slight_smile:

No is really interesting stuff and has rekindled the idea for sure. A lot of reading to do with the pipe and slippers tonight me thinks.

Is interesting … that fear/excitement factor when a new product/finish/concept comes up … it’s in equal measures. But I have to say, 95% + works in my experience, certainly with the products and ideas I get off TP folks. High scorecard and genuinely exciting. You do realise you have provoked 2-3 hours of Chilean Malbec fuelled discussion over the kitchen table tonight don’t you? :slight_smile: …excellent stuff.

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Agree that…is that fear/excitement factor I mentioned to Howzz. It’s worked for me to date but I can imagine that sinking feeling investing time money and effort and then it coming out … meh!

But I guess that is the fun of it. What to do … what to do … :slight_smile:

I think the problem with these products is that folk don’t know how to use them creatively. Whole rooms get covered with the stuff. At some point, I would imagine, a creative person mixed some aggregate into paint and then experimented. Subsequently, it gets commercialised and sold to a diy market that generally can’t apply a product evenly over a large area. I would suggest to a client that less is more and so use it sparingly.
For example, go for an ombre wall effect and then maybe add a thin band of colour with filings.…0…1…gws-wiz-img…0i67j0i7i30j0i7i5i30.VEufLnUkwCI

Dig deep and go for creative especially if you have a blank canvas. Go for patterns, shapes and shades that you like. I had the opportunity to replicate the union jack on a large wall, which was challenging. If I had the opportunity, with the caveat that it needs some logistical working, I would paint a room white and then paint a frieze running around the centre replicating Guernica. The wife wouldn’t be happy and probably laugh at my feeble attempts but I’m going with things that interest me.


What a brilliant idea and link Howzz, the colouring on that wall is perfect but have to say, the confidence to do that? Blimey. No I really like that and we are scratching our heads to do not.

Had never heard of ombre wall effect but it’s extremely tempting


I like the band cutting through the plaster effect - that’s whats going through my mind.
I was racking my brain as to the easiest way of producing ombre effect and I found this one which I’m hoping will work for you.

Maybe try and get some movement, as opposed to the utube where they are working with horizontal lines.
Consider an artists wash, working on a similar basis.

And apologies, I’m probably more excited about the project then you are.
Have ago and sling some photos on the forum.

And here’s me pleased with getting to first base with the techniques of good paint work. No-one ever told me it was going to get creative!!! :slight_smile:

My toes are tapping here … I want to have a crack at this stuff but our house is, how shall we say? … quite conservative. But the discussion refuses to go away and I think we are going to have a crack at one of these concepts.

The ombre in desert sky colours definitely appeals. I only wish we had a bigger house. But have to say I love this stuff and keep looking at them. Problem being I still have to get this bloody Sikkens XD gloss conservatory done first!!! Has been a major job from wood stained to high gloss … and I’ve only done the inside!!!

No keep it coming Howzz this is really really interesting stuff. Why are we so conservative with our paint???

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Colour wash?

Answer your last question - fear - fear of getting it wrong, fear of wasting money, fear of criticism etc.

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Fear of getting it wrong Howzz. But entirely take your point … wasn’t doing all this stuff 4-5 years back. I look back at what I was doing (not terrible in reality) and I shudder now.

Yeah it’s time to man up and try something news and a tad risky. Have to say ALL the samples and techniques you have shown are extremely exciting. Would love to have a blank canvas place to do in such a style from ground zero. And sounds a bit mad but wife and I are indeed debating that.

Have done a good few property renovations over the years for rental…7 in total, all sold and gone now but when our place finished we are mulling to do one again from scratch and maybe with a wider palette than have tried before. If the bones hold out and I can still bend! :slight_smile: Mind reckon I still got two years worth of work do here what with all other family works to properties currently in play and inbound!!!

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