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Sanding Errors

I started to refresh the front door rather belatedly - why didn’t I do this when the weather was better?
I started with my Festool DTS delta sander hooked up to a Festool CTL Midi with a cyclone separator and selected Granat 120 pads, however I noticed that I got trails which I think was caused by pickup of the stain in small spots so I switched to Festool Granat 120 grit and increased the speed quite a bit. By slowing the push speed I was able to reduce these trails to a minimum I then finished off using a Mirka hand sander to follow the grain. I was going to try my Mirka Deros with Abranet but it died (seems likely an expensive replacement of the speed controller is required or buy something different). A wipe over with a rag soaked in white spirit it was left to dry whilst I had a bite to eat.
Using and old but little used Hamilton Perfection I set about applying Sikkens Cetol HLS. The number of bristles

that came out took me by surprise but I managed to finish before I threw the brush in the bin vowing that I would use one of my other brushes for the subsequent coats. Do you think that either a Wooster Chinex FTP or a Picasso Firm Blend brush would be suitable to apply another coat or Cetol HLS and subsequent coats of Sadolin Extra Durable as a finish coat?

Hi, looks like another nice project, I would want to start with a smooth surface, I would remove the scratches, with finer grit papers.

Hi John. I cannot help with your choice of brushes but the door which appears to be Mahogany must be sanded with the grain - not across the grain (one of the first things I was taught at college) Some of the sanding defects are as the direct cause of cross sanding. It may take longer but the end result is much better. Hope this helps and good luck

You could also look at a scarston scraper,or dab with white sprit,i do feel your pain.

Richard you are quite right, it is mahogany. I think for the time being I will have to be content with a bodge job and then start in earnest in spring as the weather is more challenging than the sanding. I was going to put another base coat on this morning to try to even out the disparity between the areas back to bare wood and the those with the previous finish but the domestic director wanted to look for curtains, just as well as the no rain until 3pm forecast was wrong and it rained at noon. The forecast then read sunny afternoon 5% chance of rain so I did a quick coating of the areas affected and went to walk the dog and down came the rain but only a few spots made it onto the weatherboard at the bottom of the door. I surprises me that I actually decorated the bedroom, lounge and dining room in summer without being rained off!
I think that I’ll get the cabinet scrapers sharpened up ready for next spring and take it back to bare wood.