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Sanding kitchen doors?

What do you use to sand kitchen doors ?
As I read more it seems that some sort of Festool or Mirka might be worth the investment - With my first kitchen painting job looming it seems that some sort of sander would be good, but which one?
Given that it is all doors and corners a delta sander such as the festool DTS 400 -

seems to me that it might be a good idea or do you think there is a better option ?
The kitchen is Shaker style so plenty of flat areas - would a delta sander struggle with them ?

Many thanks for any thoughts !

I use the Festool system - The RTS 400 palm sander with rectangular plate for the majority of the work and the RO 90 with interchangeable round and delta heads for the rest is perfect.
I’ve been really impressed by the Festool Granat abrasives much longer lasting than the Brilliant.
Finally well worth getting the foam interface pad for curved edges and moulding/contours.
And for final between coats sand take the sander down to speed 2 or 3 (and adjust the dust extractor control too).
Festool also do a hand held palm sander which attaches to the dust extract hose.
Best investment I’ve ever made, not jusy for kitchen and fine detail work but for heavy duty sanding too such as a three storey stairwell with stair treads and risers needing max attention.
Dave d9 decor Bristol

This is a good little Festools tool, manual, but very precise. Think of it as a mini rasp that you can use any grit hook and loop abrasive with.

Wet n dry sanding blocks still have their use, especially where there is hardened crusty… you know how some kitchens can get…

extra support for the excellent KrudKutter.

Thank you both !
I have got one of these Mirka hand sanding tools -

… and a load of Abranet plus various sanding blocks so will see how I go with these, as my spending on tools and stuff(new hoover filters, bags, various masking tapes etc) is making this job expensive for me…
However, I may go shopping if it all goes well !