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Sanding paint

HI Folks doses what paint and application tools you use depend on the abranet you use to sand it?any thoughts

If it is a large wall area, and the surface is very rough, I will start with the Deros and 60-80 grit Abranet Ace. If that goes well, I then finish with a 120 grit. I don’t go finer because I get excellent paint adhesion after a 120 finish.

If it is a smaller area, I may go with a 120 grit on my RTS400 and see how it feels. If it is wood and I am looking for a flat and smooth finish, I may use the 180. I have to say it is generally on furniture that I use the finer grits. I restored some church benches last summer, and I went to a 400 grit using my RTS. I then painted them with Osmo oil. The finish was excellent, I was delighted.