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Sanding triangular stair treads sides - any suggestions?

Afternoon all.

Stripped our 1920’s staircase for the 3rd time … first time paint, this time Ronseal Satin Oak back to wood. Has come up well but was built in pitch pine and finish is OK at best.

Ideally I need to sand before applying Osmo but the shape is not ideal.

Any suggestions how to improve technique/productivity? Have to buy tools or suchlike.

Here’s a photo to show and tell in a bit more detail. Would be great here any ideas how to do the job better/easier etc. Many thanks in advance

hi there personally i use a festool dts 400 for this kind of job . but depending on your budget there are much cheaper detail sanders out there …the festool i find great as it has a nice selection of finishing papers … for the hard to reach places i use these . hope this is of some help


Hi tehomas and many thanks for the advice. And you know what, in a weird way that’s the answer I least wanted :slight_smile: … why? Because I’ve been looking for an excuse get one of those for a while now. And worse still there’s one on ebay at somewhere approaching the right money!!!

Yes that does look ideal. I have a very cheap and cheerful Bosch version of that which the velcro has gone on. It worked ok-ish but certainly not in that league. And having had amazing experience with my Festool DA devices, it’s hard to see how your solution would not be perfect.

Thanks for the advice, a long tense morning hoovering over the ‘buy now’ button. :slight_smile:

and a Mirka foam interface pad 80x130 for the RTS400 will curve round the moulding.

the RO90 is worth a look - as has interchangeable Delta and Round heads.


Thanks Dave, yes that does look a nice piece of kit. I have to work out which ones to invest in carefully. I’m not a decorator as such (although you’d be forgiving for thinking I was if you looked at my car) and so I have to choose wisely…mainly in the name of self preservation. If was left to me I’d likely have all of them.

Have put a watch on ebay for an RO90…I have a cheap old Bosch PSM80a with the velcro base damaged but a possible repair. Am going to try breath a little life into that and try it in the hope it will fail and I’ll be allowed to invest in either a 2nd user RO90 or RTS400.

Many thanks for the steer Dave.

In the end I resisted the urge to invest. I repaired the old Bosch only to find it was too big.

BUT I found a much much better answer…a wife with an insane liking for hand sanding! I kid you not…it’s better than a Festool or Mirka. Money in the bank and an incredible result QA wise. Of all the decorating tasks to find a liking and skill for this has to be the the one!!!

The bottom line? Just some hand cream instead of the £400 odd quid :slight_smile: It’ll never happen again but I got a staircase and half a hall out of her so far.

and there in-lies the rub lol

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The investment in hand cream is a fair trade off … and in fact that was acquired from a hotel :slight_smile: