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Satajet 3000 - airbrush on steroids

I was chatting with @MartinGuest about using an airbrush in kitchen painting, say on fretwork. Painting a kitchen you regularly come across fretwork, spindles on plate racks, or need to get inside wine racks, or cupboards and smaller spaces. Brushes on sticks and foam wrapped around a stick, you can get anywhere, but spray does have its speed advantages, if only to get the paint on more efficiently into awkward spots so you can finish off manually. Airbrushes sound about right, but they don;t have enough clout to push water based paints through.

This little beauty however lies between an airbrush and a full blown litre pot HVLP for small jobs.

An HVLP gun, but on a mini scale. Alistair Flint specified this Satajet mini HVLP for me, and it is pretty and useful - a “lady stage set painter’s gun”. So you get control, and a smallish reservoir, making it ideal for the smaller jobs, and it is quick to clean and colour change. Or use it as a conventional HVLP.

You need a small 2HP compressor and there are special unions for it, Alistair has it all off pat with what is needed. Not cheap either, but Sata are a top end gun.

I particularly like how you can decant off a small amount of shellac primer and spray apply it to knots or small areas.

Obviously you have the initial cost of the kit, but for touch ups and spot priming, it is a much more efficient and better quality way than using shellac with a brush, and gives you more control than spray cans.

Here is a fuller article with further info

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Put a call into Flints today - awaiting response; heaven knows, I’m no sprayer!!! but this could be the cross over that I’m looking for??? time (and cost) will tell… (more time than cost in honesty; if it’s right, it’s right “no matter”!)


is the Sata gun compatible with Graco HVLP 9.5 turbine…?
I take it the Sata is much more precise the the Graco Edge gun , if so I’d be interested to add it to mine

I’ve got a bit more info; I’ve now heard from Flints and I’m told that the SATAjet 3000 has been replaced by the SATAminijet 4400 B RP PVC model… There is an increase in price but apparently it is a superior machine capable of airbrush like 1mm line to a wide fan.

There is also a very neat system Rapid Preparation System now available that fits directly to the gun for quick colour change and storage…

Please follow this link for the spray pages of Flint’s catalogue for all the info:

The smaller size of this airgun and precision would have been extremely interesting to me, however, the compressor that is required to deliver the 7.1cfm is a beast and makes it something that isn’t practical for me… I travel compact and light! may appeal to some.

Anyhoo, have a nose through the link, interesting reading!

Cheers all


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I had 6 or 7 different colours on a piece of furniture with a full size gun, and this system made it very easy to go through the range. To make a colour change you flip the gun, swap the pot over, flip it back over and spray through the tiny amount of old paint left in the gun. The paint can be stored in the airtight pots. Very slick.

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Yes, Alisdair pointed this system out to me… I though it was great. Very Go!Paint in it’s approach!

Just a shame that the compressor makes it so unpractical (for me); I think that it is a real winner.