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Saying hello


I’m Paul from Cheltenham. I am a handyman offering a range of services from property to garden.

It seems recently I have picked up a few painting jobs. Didn’t intend for this, preferring other types of jobs, but just starting out so cannot afford to be too choosy. 90% of my work is word of mouth recommends so I am getting asked to handle many jobs for clients. I’m not actively promoting myself as a painter/decorator and will decline jobs that are not within my scope. I am building a list of local tradesmen I can refer to should I feel a job is not for me.

I’m not trained in painting/decorating but have done lots at home and also whilst in the glazing trade a few years back. I am a tad obsessed with perfection and like to do jobs to the best of my abilities.

I look forward to learning new things whilst here!


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Hi Paul

welcome, and hope you can put some of the info we share here into good practice.