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Hi all, here are my first attempts at scagliola marble samples.
They were not created to any specific type of marble, just trying to learn how to at this stage.
The 1st 2 are the same piece, it was made on clingfilm over a flat piece of wood so you get a reverse mould so to speak.
They are polished oiled and waxed but the voids were only partially filled prior to this.

Materials used: plaster of paris, various pigments and glue size.

Hi paul
Check out Michel nadai in France look at his web site Michel is a friend of mine and has worked with me over here .
The man is a genius

Thanks for the pointer olsalmo - ive found his site & look forward to finding out more.

Some more samples of scagliola

still learning!

looks like you are learning in the right direction though.

How long before you can actually replicate, because I understand the basic technique is so “free” the mastery is in repeating a pattern?

Or shall we ask in the next lifetime :slight_smile:

lol - its a time consuming process - with no time to spare :slight_smile:

I believe I could replicate what I have done and apply it over much larger areas in repeated patterns.
The size of the samples are on average about a foot square or just under so its the logistics batching and observing the process because it gets so muddy it can be easy to lose track and Im still prodding around in the dark :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,
Just would like to add I worked in the Reform Club down at the Mall in london 1983
All the columns looked like marble but I was amazed to find out they were in fact Scagliola and they were being repaired by a couple of Italian lads and they were being polished to a finish with linseed oil.

Did try to paste a link in but it would not stay in the post .


very nice to see a scag section i have worked on the restoration of the scagliola in the old Conservative club in st James

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isnt there a course in scotland that teaches this?

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Bows to you in respect are you self taught?

i was working for Michael koumbouzis the scagliola company for hare and Humphreys
back in 2003 i think it was
so learnt from a true master

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