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Scratches in glass

Morning all, we are currently working on a large Barn conversion, and have noticed there are several paynes of glass that are quite badly scratched.

We have tried using a heavy cutting compound the type you would use for car body paint to remove them or a least make them less noticeable, but with no effect.

No sure how they were made or with what but some are quite deep.

Any Ides on removing them or at least making them less noticeable. :expressionless:

I have heard of people in the past, that have used Jewelers Rouge, in meny respects, it is similar to the stuff that you post, and like it, you would need a machine to work it.

Perhaps, you could talk with a local jewellers, and ask them how they use it remove scratches from watch glass.

As you post, some are quite deep, but this will remove some if not all, or at the worst, make them a lot better in appearance.

To be honest but with respect to Welsh D, Jewelers Rouge is more of an old wifes tale than an effective repair poultice.
Fullers earth is perhaps about the same and not really effective on flat glass!
I purchased this kit several years ago and have had successful repairs from it, some of which you could run your finger nail along. But be cautious as it does take a bit of mastering and no as simple to use as the manufacturer suggests!

Now! I did quite a bit of research into this and I am quite happy to share it with you. The polishing machine contained in the kit is a wet flex water fed grinder and basically the whole system works a bit like the Mirka system except it is drip fed with water from a pressurised container, obviously to keep the surface of the glass cool as to not cause distortion. The discs are similar to abranet but are actually 3M Trizact polishing discs and are graded buy colour not size of grit. The polishing machines can be purchased for around £200 from Marble and granite tool supplies and the preesured pot is one of those pump up garden sprayer’s.

Finally, you would need a poultice or liquid compound polish to bring back the clarity of the glass: Cerium oxide is used widley in the glass polishing industry to create bevelled/polished edges and is easily obtained.

Places like screwfix and machine mart also do basic glass polishing kits but how effective they are, I dont know!

Hope this helps regards Russ (Prime Decoration)

Thanks for the replies, i have found a kit on ebay that contains the basics for scratch removal with various grades of pads and compounds similar to the one you mention Russ.

Will give it a go and update you later.

Many Thanks John

Russ, this might be of a little interest to you? Its not something that I have had to do in the past, I would normally replace if that bad, unless there are conditions that would not allow that course of action to be taken.

Be interesting to see how JG get’s on, we will need pic’s showing before and after of course.

Nice one Welsh D, thanks for the link

Update on the scratches, i purchased a scratch repair kit from flea bay which consisted of a polishing pad that attaches to a power drill several different grades of abrasive pads ranging from 300 grade to 1000 grade a felt polishing pad and cutting compound.

You work your way through the different grades with the compound finishing with the felt pad. To be fair it has removed the scratches, but it has left a very faint blurring to the glass maybe with practice it could be removed entirely ?

I did take photographs but it was very difficult to get any decent pics where the scratch or blurring were actually visible.

Thanks for the up date, pitty the pic’s did not work out.

You will need a higher grade abrasive and some diamond polish to remove the blurred effect!

What would you suggest perhaps a 2000 grade ? Will google the diamond polish.

Could i just add to this thread that the scratches are the result of the previous owners or decorators or window cleaner possibly, not sure how they have been made but there are scratches even in the center of some of the panes of glass.

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