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Sealant for wooden panel

Hi all

It’s been ages since I was last active, personal and family problems have seen me sidelined. Anyway, there is light at the end of the tunnel, so I am doing a bit of renovation.

The panels on the side of my stairs were awful; no matter how I prepared the surface, I could not achieve a decent finish. Overall, it was 80% good and 20% of areas where it would blister or look shaded. After six months, the areas I did not like were peeling back, and discolouration occurred. I can only assume it was the bottom layer of old paint. Yes, I should have stripped it back to the wood; hindsight is a beautiful thing.

The old paint was dodgy; IMHO, I wore a proper full-face breathing mask and had to use a hot air gun. It was clinging onto the wood for dear life! I then took my Mirka sander and used a progressively finer paper until it was smooth. It is now ready to paint, and I intend to use Helmi white paint. Is there a suitable sealant I can use to ensure nothing nasty comes out of the woodwork? Please forgive the pun! I would hate to repaint it all to find it starts to fail in six months.


Hi, you won’t go wrong if you use a shellac based sealer/ primer.
Zinseer do B.I.N and Smith & Rodger produce a very similar product called Blockade.
Either of these will do the job, you can also thin slightly with meths if needed as they are both spirit based, a mask might be required if working in tight spaces.
Apply with smooth roller or brush allow to dry and you can recoat in 45 minutes, 2 coats should be enough, then once fully dry sand back and apply a coat of Otex Akva and then your Helmi.

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