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Sealing /Caulking

Hi folks lets talk about all things sealing caulking? What ratio gun do you use? What caulk/sealant do you use? Whats your system, how do you fill deep gaps? How do you smooth of? How do you remove sealant or caulk,do you use chemicals? I done a bathroom, a few months ago,the gap was wide between wall and bath, I used paper,to support silicone until set,and used high modulas sealant the one that smells like vinegar.You have to make a web,almost using to stitch across gap.It take a couple of applications but can be done. How do you feel wide gaps?do you use scrim?

Hi darlic.
Why don’t you use expanding foam as a backing. Mask everything up around the bath and adjacent areas, once dry cut off the excess and apply the silicon sealant. If the gap is wider than ideal tape up the bath edge and wall and use a spatula to smooth off and immediately remove the tape, hey presto job done. Before you start clean area with meths and dry off preferably with a hair dryer. Hope this helps

Thankyou ,how do we access difficult areas, how do we smooth sealant out?Whats your favourite caulking gun and why?Thanks again for your responce.

Cannot advise on difficult areas because I don’t know what the particular situation is, however the issue with smoothing out is either the spatula on wider areas or your ‘wetted’ finger run along the area of sealant giving a concave profile on narrow areas. No special preference with caulking guns but usually go for the open frame type.

Thankyou on weekend will try get some photos on,difficult areas,one thing i sometimes do, is bend nozzle. Lets get this topic moving on to mechanical adhesion ,techniques ,extra

Hi folks

new gun

Hi folks different size guns, the smaller one is for cabinets,extra you can buy knozles for awkward areas, or add tube to end of knozzle.For sealing behind taps, sometimes you can come at it both ways, then smooth out with tool,if its that difficult sometimes you have to remove. Something else you can try is applying caulk sealant on your finger and do it that way.Whats your ways.

Hi folks,in what instances would you reseal over sealant? What cleaning fluids would you use? What tools would you use to smooth the sealant, and remove? What problems have you come up against? How do you deal with contamination?When caulking a much easer task,how do you work out how many tubes you would use on a house,how do you prevent crazing?