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Sealing wallpaper

Zinsser have a new product called Wallpaper Cover Up. I am about to decorate a bungalow which has wallpaper on the walls that has been previously painted and looks very sound so I feel confident that applying emulsion over the existing paper once I have applied the W.C.U. I have spoken to Zinsser and they reckon it is THE thing to use. Has anyone used it and what is their view on the product. Many Thanks

I have used this product a few times over the years.

If the paper is sound then it should be fine, its an oil based paint so shouldn’t lift any paper edges, but jut keep an eye out for any, also dries in a couple of hours.
The re-coat time is 4 hrs, but if you can leave it over night I would.
Also have good ventilation, it has a strong (ish) smell to it.

The wallpaper cover up is good, if I remember its oil based,but I am sure you could use gardz.

Thanks Neil and Darlic. I did suggest to Zinsser about using Gardz but they warned that as it was water based it may ‘bubble’ the wallpaper so I am not too sure if I should use it, but dont like the thought of fumes from the WCU in a relatively confined area.