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Second hand kitchen mart - public


If you are a homeowner with a second hand kitchen for sale, sign up to the forum, and Create a Topic in this section.

List the information about your kitchen for sale, (manufacturer, fitting list, condition, age) with a price in the region of… Upload pictures, or link to wherever you want.

List the information till it sells.

There will be no fee for listing this.

Contact details

We have your contact email address on file, so you need not display your personal email address


Buyers must deal direct with the sellers to sort out prices, removal, delivery. Nothing to do with us, guv.

Reply underneath the advert and to alert the seller, type @their-username

Make sure you refer to the correct kitchen, include your contact details. The email will be forwarded to seller who can decide whether or not to contact you.

Painting your reclaimed kitchen

If you need tips on how to paint it yourself, there is plenty of info on this site - or ask on forum!

If you need the reclaimed kitchen painted once it is installed, you know where to find a Traditional Painter!