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Seek & Ye Shall Find

I don’t know how I’ve missed the Blog section on here for so long but I found it this morning. There’s so much interesting stuff on there that I’m not sure I’ll find time for any work!

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Hi what is it you want to learn? Spraying ,wallpapering or just general decorating?

Hi, to be honest I just enjoy looking at all sorts of subjects and learning, perhaps I need to get out more!

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All you need for decorating is a love for it.I wish Tp was around when i was at college, we were just given a book and cubical to practise, in.

It must have been difficult with a brush in one hand a paint kettle in the other and nothing to turn the pages over with!
I just wish that my dad could have got to grips with searching the internet and particularly YouTube as he was incredible with all manner of DIY by watching craftsmen at work (he was a builders labourer) or reading about it. Thankfully he passed his love of DIY on to me and although being an engineering tradesman progressing to a chartered mechanical engineer, my pleasures come from most things wood not metal.