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Shabby chic

Hi folks thinking about buying a few pieces of furniture,to transform,whats the most durable,affordable price paint for furniture?I take it bullseye 123 is the best primer?

Stix from Benjamin Moore as a primer, then I use their tester pots (eggshell) to paint the tables etc that I’ve done


it totally depends on the furniture . if it were an old varnished piece stix would not be any use at holding back the tannin’s and you would be better using a primer that dose this like b.i.n or coverstain ,isofix ect…


Do you do much furniture painting teho?

a fair bit jason

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I often use Otex Akva or the Akvi (spray only) primer. The Otex Akva has great adhesion. Bin gets used for spot priming of knots. For top coats, Helmi is very good. The Morrells waterborne pigmented lacquer sprays nicely as well. About to try some Fenwick and Tilbrook.