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Should decorators hide issues or repair them?

My friend suggested to me instead of going to all the hassle with using scrim to repair cracks along bedroom wall ceiling to put up coving,to like hide the problem,is this practice and simpler practices acceptable in decorating like i have seen in other industry’s.I no like if a boat has some small damage like a scratch that wont come out with abrasive a sticker doses wonders,or where someones hasn’t matched grp colour a stripe covers well,the list could go on,in decorating are there simpler tricks without compromise quality or is it just not acceptable,even if you tell the customer what your doing.Thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

Its a good point-sometimes we can achieve a better result for client with some creative thinking. For instance recommending to a client that the old lathe and plaster ceiling starting to sag and with a multitude of cracks would be better overboarded and skimmed by a plasterer rather than attempting repairs. Similarly a heavily woodchipped ceiling may benefit from overboarding than run the risk of manually stripping, repairing and lining.

Find a local plasterer who is reliable, knowledgable and will deliver quality finish for you consistently, and link up.

The critical point is to discuss with the client the options when first meeting with them at the quote stage. Then write to them with those options and comparative prices so they can decide before work starts. Particularly so if you were recommending installing coving or plaster cornice which would change the look of the room quite substantially (maybe for the better)

Make sure client knows at all times what the end result will be and how much it will cost!

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What about if the walls are bad use a paint to cover the imperfections,doses interior paint exist i don’t mean artex something that covers well,bit more cover up than the usual paint.

Darlic The aim is to develop a database of solutions that you know you can carry out effectively and then pick the best of a good bunch. So often you will see solutions and wonder why they went that route. As an example, (and not criticising you or saying this is what you would do), but a decorator might steer the customer to wards coving as a solution to heavy cracking at the ceiling line, not because it is the best option, but because they like coving (or the good money to be made installing it) or they maybe don’t even know of the simpler Elafib scrim option.

Spray filler is a nuclear fine surface filler option. The Toupret Pulsar is like a thick batter. In fact that may have been the product that has been mixed with paint for a one hit dead smooth fill and finish.

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Spray able filler never heard of it Andy very interesting,any other tips to pass on much appreciated,i think the same could be said with skirting boards ,if they look to bad take them of put ready primed ones on with glue could be more efficient than making old ones look new again,as for this spray filler very interesting.

also worth checking out Toupret Planeo G skim filler for larger areas - either from their site or You Tube. it’s just one of many options from which, as Andy says, pick the best and the ones that suit you

also worth looking at plastic padding marine filler,easy to sand,drys in 10 minutes if i can remerber.

What are the best covering paints on interior walls,for imperfections.

evening darlic. just thought you might like to hear my trade secrets.well there are several options that I would consider. in my experience there are no paints that will cover imperfections no matter how many coats you have to discuss with the client how far they want to go-spend an what finish they require. fill with toupret.or line with mav lining paper ( advising the types of grade,thickness) what finish of paint,matt,flat matt,silk, ect. for really bad dents I would skim the whole wall to be sure. its all down to customer/decorator commucating.


What about high build emulsion paint can anyone recommend any,holmans make some just wondering whats the best.

What about johnsones ultra high opacity matt,can anyone else s add some high build emulsions to cover walls with slight imperfections.

HI folks need a emulsion that can cover very minor
Imperfections,have a job I am doing there was a wallpaper border we have removed border,sanded and filled,but there’s a very slight ghosting outline
Visible I do think it will cover with emulsion but would rather use a paint suitable ,going to try touprett fine surface filler tommorow just to see if can get rid of it completly