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Should I choose the Mirka Ceros or Deros sander?

Okay, this may seem like overkill to some and I know the topic of sanders has been covered…but…there is always a but isn’t there! :grinning:

I have to completely overhaul my home and as illness has forced me to take semi-retirement I have plenty of time on my hands. I am a perfectionist, well it’s more a case of liking to do things the correct way hence joining this excellent site!

I will need to sand down large areas of plastered wall and will also have to sand doors and skirtings. The new Deros looks right up my street as does one of the Festool sanders. In my heart I feel certain I should include dust extraction but could I use a hoover like a Henry and perhaps get by? I have an old cylinder style Dyson as opposed to their upright but I am concerned it will burn out if used continually when sanding. I like the Ceros but it does seem the Deros is the better route.

Is it overkill for a good DIY guy and are there better ways which cost less. Yes, I know I am probably answering that question myself because you cannot beat quality and cutting corners is no good long term.

Cheers to all


I have a Deros and its brilliant, having the interchangeable pads is a must.You don’t have to buy expensive dust extraction units I have a Nilflisk P20 and this does the job. The advantage of the dust extraction units is they have plug sockets on the top to plug the sander into. This also means when you start to sander the dust extractor starts as well.

Hi Andy

That is good news, I have just looked at the Nilfisk units and for £100 approx I can get a decent extractor/hoover. That is the way I may go.


Hi Andy, Being a perfectionist is a curse - you are in good company here!

I’m sure that you could go the Henry route and it will serve you well (and right), however, take a look at the new Festool CTL sys - it’s money, but not too bad for Professional kit.

Couple this to the DEROS for larger surfaces (walls you mentioned) better, in my opinion, than the CEROS primarily due to the lack of transformer and that it will fit direct to Festool extractors without the need of an adaptor.

and/or the Festool RTS 400 for trim etc.

I realise that this, if you put it all together, is an expense, but (perfectionist) it will produce exceptional finishes, “no” dust and will put a massive smile on your face.

Also, don’t forget the Abranet!

Hope that this helps!?

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Hi to all

I have not been able to do anything until now because I had another bout of ill health…BUT…I have gone for it! I bought the Deros Kit 1 with Abranet ACE from Rest Express.

I also bought a Nilfisk Multi 20T

Can I just say how disappointed I was with “suppliers” of this equipment. I contacted 5 in total to get advice, prices, recommendations etc. They were hopeless, two of them didn’t even reply, one I spoke to initially on the phone didn’t return my call. I used a chat service with one and they couldn’t give me answers to basic questions.

Then I called Rest Express and discovered they are just down the road from me. I spoke with James who was very helpful and friendly. He answered my questions and said to try the new ceramic disks as they should offer longer life. He wasn’t pushy and I decided to go for that setup and placed the order. I can only assume the others are too busy counting their money!

I am now excited to get stuck into the project.

I will try and give some feedback on how it goes.


Rest Express supplied me my first ever Abranet, that was exciting :slight_smile:

Good luck with the set up, and keep yourself fit for your work! Let us know what you find.

One thing I wanted to add was a note about the Nilfisk Hoover. The Deros hose fits straight onto the Hoover and if you buy one with a T suffix on the model number it has a power tool plug included so it turns on/off with the power tool!

I now have another choice to make. Festool DTS400 ES-Q or Bosch GDA280 Delta sanders? The Deros is a dream but I have lots of corners and slats to sand. Is the Festool worth the extra ~£100?

Yes it is!.. (in my opinion)

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I wouldn’t bother with a Delta personally and go for the RTS Festool instead, more surface area and still goes in the corners

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Well I have gone and done it. The Festool RTS 400 EQ-Plus is on its way to me!

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