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Should I Include This In My Quote?

I was asked round to give an elderly couple a quote yesterday to re-decorate their lounge and hallway.

Whilst there they mentioned that they had already had a p&d in who should have been doing this job but after seeing his work in their study they told him that they had changed their mind about having the hall and lounge doing.

The reason being that a gap was evident between every drop of lining paper he had hung and it looked very unsightly. The overall paint finish to the ceiling, walls and woodwork was really good but it was spoilt by the poor hanging of the lining paper.

I had been asked there just to quote for the hall and lounge so I didn’t say anything at the time about trying to rectify what the previous p&d had done in their study.

Since then I have been thinking about trying to help them out in the most cost effective way possible.

The edges all seemed well stuck down so I was contemplating giving the edges/gaps a very light sand, apply Toupret TX110 filler, light sand again, thin coat of Gardz or BE 123 and then emulsion.

The p&d gave the couple what was left of the Johnstones matt emulsion. There is probably not quite sufficient so I was going to buy another litre and then mix this with the remaining paint and then re-coat all the walls again (2 coats if necessary).

Should I include a price for doing this work in my quote or am I opening up a can of worms for myself and should therefore leave well alone or is it worth giving them the option?

Any ideas for other possible solutions most welcome.

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In my opinion you have to add the additional work to your quote it will be your time spent correcting the fault of the other P&D, depending on how bad the issue is it could take you a couple of days to correct it. Maybe if you feel the need to help them out charge them cost on materials :wink:

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I would charge for doing it.

It was more a question of whether I should take on a problem created by the other p&d in the first place?

Might suggest doing what I have proposed in an area behind a desk/book case just to make sure that I can get a good result.

Are you prepared to put your name on another decorators bodge work?

That’s my worry Jason.

I’ve done my specification and quote now and decided not to mention anything about the problem left by the previous decorator.

If they give me the go ahead I will decide whether to broach the subject as and when I’m there.


Hi mark ,I went into a job before chrismas, the previous decorator, had got paint on the glass,hinges the customer wasn’t happy with it,i new with a damp cloth and scrapper it would take 15 minutes to remove, she was over the moon, it was good advertising and we didn’t charge her my son done it, we are working at her brothers tommorow

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