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Show off your table tops and painted bases

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##This the most viewed former orange pine table top online I believe!

2 thin coats of Langlow Patina were applied to the sanded and cleaned pine top, and the legs were primed and eggshelled in Little Greene oil eggshell.

Any more for any more, add them below

I do a few of these, all I use these days is Sadolin Wood Stain & Tikkurila Kiva Lacquer…

a good sanding first of coarse…

Chairs turn out well in the same style…


This is one of our latest transformations, the table had been custom made around 20 years ago and it is very large, we sanded the table and chairs even though the chairs had never been painted, the table top had a round burn in it from a pan, once sanded the burn is no longer visible.
We primed the table legs and edges and all of the chairs with 2 coats of primer, we then gave them a light rub and applied the client choice of paint which, in this instance was Farrow and Ball All White, x 3 coats.
We waxed the table top and buffed it up to give a lovely shine.
Although the table and chairs has a beautiful finish and clients really happy, we have found that of all the farrow and ball colours we have used, the All White tends to take a bit more of an effort, it takes longer to dry out , has anybody else found this issue?

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