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Shropshire renovator

Hi everyone.
Just for something different I co-own a glazing repair and renovating company.
Personally I’m from an engineering background and have a long lasting interest in custom cars and bikes. Strangely enough this means tight tolerances, hoovering work areas and immaculate paint finish was built in from the start. This is one builder you won’t see in a cloud of dust.
I work on a lot of period property and am just as happy using limewash and linseed paint as hvlp sprayguns and hybrid paint.
I’m also a mine of useless information and experiences but will happily listen to anyone. :wink:
Edit. I forgot I’m registered as my company name. My actual name is Gareth Rowlands but I also answer to “tea’s up!”

Hi Gareth, interesting background, thats never a bad thing. There is a move towards the automotive mindset in decorating, Mirka, Festools and Flex are all big players and we all have a lot to learn and adapt into our work practices.

Never limewashed a car though :slight_smile:

Do you carry a colour card for your tea?

I think we’re all very lucky to live in such an interesting times, though that is also an ancient Chinese curse.
I prefer to make my own brew really, I’m a bit CDO.
(that’s OCD but with the letters in the correct alphabetical order)

Haha - welcome Gareth, nowt wrong with a bit of CDO

I once hand painted a Vauxhall Chevanne with Permo Gloss (Rolled & Tipped)looked a treat!
Welcome to TP Forum Gareth, with your skill set you will be able to fill in a few blanks here and there, hopefully!

T anyone?