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Sikkens satura bl problems

Have they changed the formula in the satura bl used 2 coats of brilliant white on yellowed old doors with 1 coat of the primer/undercoat and they struggled to cover and run more than mo farah☺.used the johnstones waterbased satin recently and for coverage,drying and it didn’t run nowhere near as much as the satura bl.thoughts please?
Does satura bl have drying issues in slightly cold weather inside?

Satura BL used to be my No1 choice for eggshell - then Ron Taylor put me onto Mylands and Ive never looked back. For me, Mylands gives the best of finishes of any acrylic eggshell: adhesion, opacity, coverage and the final, true eggshell, finish is equal to BL. Also Mylands doesn’t run!

I like the Johnstones Aqua but find the finish quite shiny.


Thanks is mylands self undercoating or do you need a primer undercoat.? I will not be using the satura bl again I was told that was selfundercoating terrible product.being sikkens I’m surprised.

Basically it’s let me down badly.

How you guys get around painting a full redec skimmed room in a house with no heating there a waterbased paint that can handle this climate

we’re in a house without central heating right now so its a couple cheap portable oil filled rads to the rescue!