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Silicone polish affecting oil based paint

Painting a window seal as i was applying the oil based undercoat and paint conditioner i noticed the paint little specs in it is this signs off polish used on wood,normally i use krudcutter,but had none so just sanded,help.

I think this is likely to be either polish or, as it’s near the seal, could it be traces of silicone sealant as it’s been smoothed off?

For polish, meths is a good start, though I’ve had times where this hasn’t worked completely. A coat or two of Zinsser shellac is quite good at holding back polish and traces of silicone. HTH.

If anyone knows alternatives to meths for polish removal I’d like to hear them too!

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Rub down wet will remove surface contaminations.

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andy when i go around walls i check with tape for paint adhension,and powdery surface,or sighns off glue on walls,how can we pick up on surface contamination,thats a difficult one,or polish on wood how can we tell?

If you are looking at surfaces on an angle you can usually spot some funky spots that shouldn’t be there. On varnished wood cills for instance, assume the worst, ie that Mr Sheen has been doing the rounds. Degrease, sand well and prime with BIN or similar.

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