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Silk over matt emulsion. Poor coverage. Is it the walls or the paint?

I bought 2.5 litres of B & Q’s silk emulsion to cover 2 small walls which had been painted with white matt emulsion when the builders had finished building (almost 2 years ago). I know I could have bought a better quality/brand of paint but went for the B & Q silk as it states coverage of 30m squared in just one coat. I used almost the entire tub on just 1 wall measuring just 9ftx7ft with a full length 2ftx7ft window in the middle.
One coat was not covering the white base-coat so 2 coats were needed.I know this sounds silly but rather than the paint coating the wall it was as if the wall was taking-in the paint. Needless to say I have had to buy more paint & what should’ve been a cheaper alternative to papering all 4 walls it has ended up costing more than I anticipated.
Should I have bought a better quality silk emulsion or used a product I’m not familiar with prior to the painting that would have kept the cost down & more aligned to that which I had budgeted for or done something else to the walls before painting to prevent paint soaking-in as it did?
Any tips & advice you are able to give me would be very much appreciated & definitely used before I start my next room! Thank you. Tina

Off the top of my head it is going to be hard to keep to your budget based on 2.5 litres of cheapo B&Q silk. I will leave the answer as to best 2 coat satin trade paint to the experts. It will cost more than what B&Q took off you, but they will work.

What type of plaster is on the wall? As a rule, cheap paint always costs you more in the long run. I’m not saying you should use something like farrow & ball but something along the lines of dulux or colourtrend will work well for you. Always try and by the trade version if you can. The trade versions are usually of a higher quality so it will cover better with less coats saving you time and money. Plus a good quality paint will last longer too. Buy cheap, buy twice as they say…

Lol @ cheapo B&Q silk, I shall disregard that as something jovial spoken in haste,but thank you Andy & Oisín for your replies, I suppose I already knew what your answers would be so I’l definitely buy a better quality paint for my next project which will probably be sooner than I anticipated as my Daughter is now unsure whether or not she likes the wallpaper she chose now it is on the walls. Ggrrrrr

[quote]Quote from AlfiesgirlT on March 24, 2014, 13:18
Lol @ cheapo B&Q silk, I shall disregard that as something jovial spoken in haste,[/quote]

cheapo quality

Searching white vinyl silk did you buy one of these?

I have had a think and a reliable trade quality range on a budget is Manor Coatings. Their white vinyl silk £30+VAT for 5 litres plus delivery

They can mix any colour too, if your daughters change of heart is putting the white in doubt.