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Silver fox

Those of you with a beady eye to social media, will have seen an interesting little shout out earlier - introducing a new edition to the FOX family of paintbrushes; the SILVER FOX!!!

I’ve been popping with excitement about this brush for months now - I really think that it fills a gap in the FOX range, making the whole FOX family a formidable force.

As a few of you may be aware, I’ve had a few interesting discussions during 2014 with our P&D brothers Stateside and this brush is, (hopefully), the answer to a few questions that were fired in my general direction…

It features a straight (blunt) cut, as apposed to the bevelled cut on the traditional FOX brush and a gorgeous, rolled finished, beavertail handle.

I’ve tested extensively - it handles all finishes and products that I have thrown at it (as does the Traditional), but the blunt cut makes it an extremely crisp cutting brush.

Available exclusively soon at

Exciting times!


That is a handsome brush, Martin.

What’s the story with the bristle selection?

Is it custom built under the hood, so to speak, or is it more easily replicable by copy cats?

When you say it handled everything, did you try and wreck it deliberately, with no respect for what it is supposed to do, or did you just use it like a normal paint brush? :slight_smile:

Well done, the W Mids posse are on a roll.



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Looks like a new addition incoming for my brush collection!

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It is a good looking brush… not only looks good, but it works!

The filament, as you might expect, is out of the same stable as the traditional orange filament… so it works - perhaps a little stiffer, but thats negotiable.

under the hood beats a pure V8… what can I say!? it’s built!.. same FOX construction with tweeks here and there to accommodate a narrower section - the profile means that it holds a little less paint than the traditional; not a bad thing when Jack Pauhl reports a cut longer than his arm with the orange - I think that you will find the “Silver” to be “just right” (Jack likes his Goldilocks analogies, no?).

Material testing followed the same lines as the Orange, but with the addition of Helmi and the like…

Here I have to hold my hand aloft and admit; yes, my name is Martin and I try to break brushes. Like the Traditional FOX, the SILVER FOX stood up to all of my abuse! Yes I tried to wreck it!!!

Other than that, I will not being telling the secret ingredients of my spicy meatball sauce!



When can I get my hands on one Martin and what sizes will be available?

Is there a price point on it yet Martin? Looks a good brush and the obvious competition is the Wooster.

Hi Dazco!

Mypaintbrush received delivery yesterday (Tuesday), so I guess they will be available pretty soon.

Sizes are 1", 1.5", 2", 3" and 4" - pictured below;

All blunt cut. My photography makes the 4" look angled, but it isn’t!!!


Hi Mark,

Pricing isn’t my arena, but sufficed to say, it’s a FOX so it’s not going to cost the earth and will represent fantastic value for money!

Happy painting!

Will JP be getting a set of these to trial like the original fox?

These look good Martin - i look forward to trying them out and getting some for the shop. Where would i use them over the Reds?

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Dazco, Gotta look after the UK market first. Once it is run out here, then who knows.

Ben, yes the Silver Fox is a handsome fella… slightly different proposition to that of the Traditional FOX, (as I see it); we’ve listened to feedback and people were quite “Marmite” about the handle, so now we have a beavertail for the P&D that is not fond of the kaiser handle… The bevel cut caused some to baulk so now we have a blunt cut.

The brush is light, responsive and sharp cutting - if you liked the Orange, you will love the Silver… it’s not an either/or situation.

The Silver FOX will look very fine upon your shelves, I’m sure!

Thanks pal!

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Just ordered myself a handful of the new fox brushes! only just noticed they are on mypaintbrush now :smile:

Just noticed them myself!.. hope you enjoy - please let me know how you get on.

Some new additions to my collection :smile:

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Ha! great… what do the think about the feel of them dry - looking forward to your feedback!

ps. Kovrd tray bag is a winner!

They feel sexy dry Martin! cant wait to use them :smile:

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Used a 2" silver fox today doing some under coating with the new dulux QD undercoat. The brush was great, lovely and light and was laying the paint off good to but sadly lots of bristles came out :frowning:

Oh dear, this wasn’t supposed to happen! I can assure you this isnt the normal. Could you email us over your order ID and I will arrange for some more to be sent out. Sorry again! Megan, mypaintbrush :smile:

Been using Fox Silver brushes today for applying Zinsser Bulseye 123 + and emulsion.

Outstanding performance! They really are a delight to use. Very comfy in the hand, good paint pick up and brilliant for cutting in.

Thumbs up also to Andy at for his awesome customer service. I had an issue with an order. Got a personal phone call from him the morning after (how many companies can you say that about these days) and he went way beyond what I would have expected.