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Site lights

Not scaffold, lighting!

had this question from a decorator in Scotland, any pointers welcome, thanks

[quote]This might sound stupid but - what is the best light to use during
nightshift painting. I understand that natural light is best but darker
nights and mornings or night shift work? what is the best light to see
where you have painted (especially when doing white on white) red lights?
blue lights? green lights? halogen lights? led lights, ultraviolet lights?
Any ideas thanks[/quote]

i use the site lights halogen 500w bulbs always have two on to reduce shadows, never work in the direct light but position them like for ceilings the lights face slightly down so as to keep ceiling in a uniform shadow so to speak using reflected light to work with, with the walls the same, lights face up but away from the wall/walls i am working on…
with kitchens or furniture i work in the direct light as they will show any imperfections or errors get it looking good with these lights and you will never get comebacks as they will never be seen in such an unforgiving light again oh and make sure you always have spare bulbs

Has anybody used the festool light? whats so good about it for £250

Festool light claims ‘daylight’ colour whatever that means, and what a price!

I use the upright fluorescent Defenders - screwfix/brewers etc around £75

  • the advantages over halogens that the glow is 360 from the tube illuminating whole room so its not harshly directional
    and you don’t have to wait for it to cool down before transporting!
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We should have a short review coming on these wonder lights. As a hint of what to expect, according to the wife of our reviewer, @markrobertsdecoratin all he can talk about these days at home is these blooming lights :smile:


Just ordered a Festool Duo light ( must be mad but gloomy winter days it’s a must).

Good move… Currently running two!!! Serious pieces of kit and the tripod is exceptional!

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Very nice, some investment there.

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Worth every penny, when you consider the Return On Investment!!!

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Yep learnt that lesson on dustless sanding.

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I intend to get the duo very soon. Sooner if I can, After a window cracked and needed replacing last week because my halogen got too hot!


Having used the Festool Duo light for a few weeks now I wouldn’t want to be without it. Still can’t see how the unit its cost nearly £300. But i’m a Festool fan.


Hi folks has anyone used or no of scangrip lights ,any thoughts good or bad ?One of the
companys i deal with sell them they gave us a demo,quite impressed they can light up
a large room easy.